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What's the Difference Between Treated & Untreated Wood? September 29, 2020

Port Jervis, Orange
What's the Difference Between Treated & Untreated Wood?, Port Jervis, New York

When evaluating lumber for a project around your home, you have to make a decision between treated and untreated wood. Both are often high-quality options, but since they have different features, the choice comes down to the specific needs of your project. Learn more about each type to ensure you find what you need for your home improvements. 

Treated Wood

Treated wood is lumber that has been infused with chemicals that enhance its durability and water-resistance. This means that treated wood is able to repel harmful insects, moisture, and rot. The improved durability allows this wood to last up to two or three decades.

Treated wood is designed for use in wet, humid climates. For example, using this type of material to build a shed would help the finished structure withstand exposure to the elements. You could also use treated wood for siding, as rainwater dripping off the roof can cause other materials to rot. 

lumberOlder treatments sometimes included toxic substances, but they have been replaced by EPA-approved chemicals. Because this wood is armed with special protection, it tends to be more expensive than its untreated counterpart. However, your initial investment will be balanced out by the low cost of ownership over time.

Untreated Wood

Untreated wood arrives with no chemical preparation. However, many tree species have natural protections that make them nearly as durable as treated lumber. Cedar, for instance, is not only beautiful, but it is also rot-resistant. Cypress is also less prone to decay and offers a gorgeous grain.

Avoid using untreated wood in areas with high humidity or large termite populations. Untreated wood should be used for applications where people may be touching the finished product with their skin, like play sets and benches. It is also ideal for gardening uses, like creating raised beds, as there are no chemicals in the wood that may transfer to the water or ground.


When you need lumber for a home improvement project, head to Berthiaume's Neversink Lumber Co. in Port Jervis, NY. This building supply center has been serving Orange County for over six decades. The knowledgeable staff can help you find the right kind of treated or untreated wood for your plans. To inquire about the current inventory, call (845) 856-5161. Learn more about the company by visiting the website

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