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Want The Perfect Burger This Summer? Follow These Tips From The Experts at New York Burger Co. October 31, 2013

Flatiron District, Manhattan
Want The Perfect Burger This Summer? Follow These Tips From The Experts at New York Burger Co., Manhattan, New York

Nothing beats summer BBQ's and a deliciously juicy burger on the grill. The experts at New York Burger Co.know a thing or two about grilling New York’s most delicious specialty burgers, serving the tastiest varieties in the city. Order up a platter of burgers for your next outdoor event and taste the outstanding quality for yourself!

While the taste of New York Burger Co. can't be beat, the secret to a creating a great burger on your own is universal. 

If you plan on grilling at home this summer, the famed burger restaurant has some helpful tips:

  • Always Grind Your Own Beef: Frozen or store bought burger patties just don't cut it. They are bland and listless, not to mention pumped with preservatives. If you want succulent burgers, you have to grind the meat yourself.
  • Chill Your Ingredients: Before you're ready to cook, keep your ingredients chilled and fresh. Until your burgers are fully formed, heat is their mortal enemy.
  • Be Aware Of Temperature: If you want accuracy, poking a burger with a finger is not going to cut it. Use a thermometer to ensure that the center of your burger is exactly the way you want it. Also take into consideration the size of your grill and the burgers.

Cooking your own burgers is a great way to enjoy your summer, but no one does it better than New York Burger Co. Whether you're hosting a party or just enjoying a summer afternoon, order the best burgers in New York City from New York Burger Co.

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