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4 FAQ About Solar Energy September 11, 2020

Gateway, Dayton
4 FAQ About Solar Energy, Dayton, Ohio

Many homeowners are interested in green solutions to reduce their electrical footprint and lower utility bills. Solar power provides a way to use free natural energy for your advantage. Here is some information on this innovative electrical option.

Questions About Solar Power, Answered

What is it? 

The sun gives off renewable electrical and thermal energy. Solar systems use photovoltaics, a network of cells that create electricity through semiconductors.

The panels feature electrons that move through an electrical circuit and power devices plugged into them. Most of these green solutions store solar power in power banks or batteries to prevent electrical issues on cloudy or stormy days. Full sun provides the most energy, so it’s wise to store up the energy to avoid running out.

What are the Benefits?

green solutionsHomeowners who install grid-tied solar electricity may pay a fixed rate for power for over 25 years. That means never paying more even if the cost of solar increases. Plus, you’re still hooked up to regular electrical and can use it as a backup if the solar panels are damaged, or there’s bad weather.

Using solar means your home won’t contribute to black- or brownouts during high-power usage times like hot summer days. Some systems create so much power that they give back to the grid, helping others in the area benefit from the sun’s energy.

Many states offer monetary incentives for green solutions like solar power, such as rebates on equipment. Some areas provide tax credits for making this change, while others make it easier to qualify for financing to outfit homes with solar power.

How do I Know what’s Right for My Needs?

Electricians who are trained in green solutions can assess your energy use and home location. They’ll factor in your house solar potential a number that refers to how shaded or sunny a home is. Places with a lot of potential are a good fit for solar, while shaded spots may not gather enough power to keep up with electrical demands.

How do You Install it?

Electricians may install panels on your roof or create trackers on the ground that host the panels and move throughout the day to chase the sun for optimal power. Installation is easiest on metal roofs because experts can bolt the panels directly to the shingles. Asphalt requires mounting systems to connect the panels to the home without harming the material’s weatherproofing capabilities.


Homeowners interested in solar energy should contact Bonham Electric Inc in the greater Dayton, OH, region. The residential and commercial team is licensed to perform electrical repairs and installations. Visit their website or call (937) 233-7662 to learn more about green solutions.

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