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Do's & Don'ts of Avoiding Microwave Messes September 21, 2020

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Do's & Don'ts of Avoiding Microwave Messes, ,

One of the most common house cleaning chores is wiping the inside of the microwave oven. Bubbling food splatters on the door and walls of the appliance, dries, and becomes a stubborn, hardened mess. Here’s how to use the microwave properly to save yourself time and effort.


Cover your food.

Cover any meals you cook in a microwave to capture spatter before it reaches the walls, ceiling, or door. You can buy a round, plastic cover designed to fit over a dinner plate. Alternatively, use the cover of whatever container holds your food or simply lay a paper towel over the dish.

Stir the Food.

House cleaningSpatter occurs when one section of the food overheats and starts to bubble. The escaping air then bursts and sends food flying. Stir your meal occasionally to spread the heat around and prevent certain portions from heating up too much.


Forget to provide air holes.

Foods that contain an outer membrane can explode and cause a mess because the hot air inside the food has no way to escape. Hot dogs and potatoes are two examples of this. Before microwaving such items, pierce the hot dog or potato skin with a fork to provide air holes and prevent bursting.

Always cook on high.

To prevent overheating and food explosions that require house cleaning, lower the microwave power. Cook on medium power for a bit longer.

This cooks the food more slowly, gives heat time to move evenly throughout the dish, reduces bubbling, and keeps spatter to a minimum. If you're in a hurry, feel free to nuke your food on high once you have it securely covered.


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