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Children's Dentist 3 Dental Care Tips for a Healthy Halloween October 1, 2020

Pearl City, Ewa
Children's Dentist 3 Dental Care Tips for a Healthy Halloween, Ewa, Hawaii

Many youngsters look forward to indulging in Halloween candy. Fortunately, parents can implement several dental care tactics to help their kids enjoy sweets safely. Here are a few methods from a dentist for kids to try once your children start digging into their candy stash.

3 Halloween Dental Care Tips for Kids

1. Sort Their Sweets

Biting on hard candies can crack the layer of protective enamel on teeth, exposing them to cavity-causing bacteria. On the other hand, licorice and gummy varieties can get stuck in teeth crevices and are hard to remove. As a result, the residue will produce acids that will erode the enamel. Sort through your child's candy stash to remove these sweets, or trade them for less harmful alternatives, like simple chocolate bars.

2. Limit Snack Time

dental careDon’t let your kids munch on their candy throughout the day, as the lingering sugars will allow bacteria to breed. Designate after dinner as the time for a Halloween treat. Since your little ones will brush their teeth shortly after the snack as they get ready for bed, the sugar won’t stay in their mouth for long. Keep candy out of sight and out of reach during the day.

3. Offer Water

Saliva keeps the mouth clean by rinsing away bacteria and food residue. The fluid also balances the mouth’s pH by preventing acidic substances, like sour or citrus candies, from eroding the enamel. Always serve their treats with a cup of water so that kids can wash down lingering sugars. Encourage your child to finish the glass before leaving the table.


Once all the candy is eaten, book a post-Halloween teeth cleaning with Dentistry For Kids in Pearl City, HI. These professionals provide children of all ages with gentle dental care services. The team also strives to create a welcoming environment to help young patients feel at ease. Call (808) 486-8881 to book an appointment, and go to their website to lean what you can expect at the visit.

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