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Top 3 Tips For Holiday Gatherings! December 3, 2015

Gowanus, Brooklyn
Top 3 Tips For Holiday Gatherings!, Brooklyn, New York

Thanksgiving has now past us and Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years is on the horizon. With the holiday cheer, comes holiday parties and social gatherings which also leads to making healthy choices on the back burner.

Did you know you can still enjoy the holidays without over indulging? All month long we'll be providing you with tips to end the year stronger than where you started!

1. Stay Active..but don't use that as an excuse to over-indulge!

We often here 'oh I ate lots of cake but that's okay I can burn it off at my next workout." Calories in doesn't necessarily equal calories out. It's about the quality of food you're providing your body. We're not saying deprive yourself. Enjoy smaller portions when it comes to dessert and just say no to left overs ;-)

2. Don't skip meals!

Eating every 3 hours will keep your metabolism revved up! Skipping meals will slow down your daily pace and can make you irritable. Then when you do eat the next meal, you'll end up over eating because you're focusing on getting rid of the starvation feeling.

3. Eat before the party!

This will take the edge off your hunger so you won't be as likely to grab everything that smells and looks good. Eating a full healthy well balanced meal will keep your energy soaring and less of a chance to slip into a food coma or feel lethargic the next day.

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See you at the studio!

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