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How Law Enforcement Can Prevent Drunk Driving August 27, 2020

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How Law Enforcement Can Prevent Drunk Driving, Cleveland, Tennessee

Drunk driving is a significant problem in the U.S., causing countless deaths each year. Policing it requires careful strategy, and there are many ways law enforcement can improve their efforts. Below is a helpful guide, including new ideas about alcohol monitoring systems, so police can take advantage of all the tools and techniques to prevent drunk driving.

Your Guide to Drunk Driving Prevention

Why Law Enforcement Must Stop Drunk Driving

Alcohol, even in small amounts, can impact your driving ability. It slows reaction time and judgment, may blur vision, and disrupts hand, foot, and eye coordination. Drivers under the influence also have trouble focusing and put themselves and others in considerable danger even after consuming one drink.

Roughly one person in the U.S. dies from drunk driving every 50 minutes. That totals to over 10,500 deaths per year. It’s also responsible for over $44 billion in damage, and over 1 million drivers are arrested for impaired driving.

Ways to Stop Drunk Driving

alcohol monitoring systemsThe first step to prevent drunk driving is education. Law enforcement can raise awareness by educating new drivers in high school and working with local organizations to fund charity drives and community outreach.

Departments can also update police training to improve efforts in the field. Officers can be stationed outside bars to stop inebriated individuals from entering their cars. They can also receive advanced training to recognize drunk driving signs, such as swerving, tailgating, or fast acceleration and braking, so they get drivers off the road immediately. This, coupled with more DUI checkpoints, will make people think twice about drunk driving.

There are many tools officers have at their disposal. They can issue alcohol monitoring systems and devices to repeat offenders. These devices test for alcohol usage every 30 minutes and will report data to law enforcement. Remote breath tools use innovative facial diagnosis and breath analysis to detect inebriation, while ignition locks prevent individuals from starting their cars if they’re inebriated.


If you want to explore alcohol monitoring systems and products for your department, contact Tennessee Recovery & Monitoring. Based in Cleveland, TN, this company carries many innovative products to save lives, including blood alcohol monitors and ignition interlock systems. Visit their website to browse their inventory or call (855) 472-7269 to speak with a sales associate. 

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