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3 Ways the Internet Has Transformed Our Lives September 25, 2020

Chillicothe, Ross
3 Ways the Internet Has Transformed Our Lives, Chillicothe, Ohio

Not that long ago, using a pocket device to order food from your favorite restaurants while browsing hotel prices and chatting with people on the other side of the world seemed like science fiction. Thanks to the transformative power of the internet, though, these simple conveniences are now just a part of daily life. If you grew up online, it can be easy to take technology for granted, but here are just a few examples of how global connectivity has changed the way we do everything.

How the Internet Has Changed the World

1. Search Engines

Search engines allow you to quickly sort through the billions of sites on the web to find the information and services you’re looking for. Want to know what the weather is like in Tokyo today or if you should worry about a weird sound your car is making? Before the internet and search engines, finding answers to these and almost any other query might take days of research, including combing through manuals or interviewing professionals.

2. Shopping

internetIf you’re shopping for new jeans or just need a few things from the grocery store, reaching for your phone or laptop might seem like second nature. E-commerce is an increasingly powerful economic engine by giving you access to goods from a variety of companies without physically wandering from store to store. Before the internet, your options were limited to what local retailers offered and how much time you had to shop.

3. Social Media

No force has ever impacted impersonal relationships quite like social media. In the analog days, it was normal to lose touch with someone when they moved away, and most people’s social circles consisted of people they’d met in person. With Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, making and maintaining connections with people from all over the world is so easy now, many of us take it for granted.


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