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A Guide to Constructing & Delivering a Eulogy August 16, 2020

Fort Mitchell, Kenton
A Guide to Constructing & Delivering a Eulogy, Fort Mitchell, Kentucky

If you have recently lost a loved one and were asked to deliver a eulogy at their funeral service, you might be seeking some advice on how to move forward. Perhaps it will be in person, or maybe it will be a virtual gathering. In either case, the following guide breaks down some effective tips for constructing and delivering your speech, so you can move forward with peace of mind. 

How to Write a Eulogy

The type of speech you put together will likely depend on the person who has passed. For example, if they were charismatic, playful, and funny, you might opt for a more light-hearted approach. Conversely, if they were introspective, thoughtful, and charitable, you could make it more existential and philosophical. 

In either case, there’s a basic structure you can follow. First, start by providing a bit of general background into who the deceased was and how you knew them. Then, you can discuss how they impacted your life. You can throw in some personal anecdotes, but try to avoid including inside jokes, as the crowd likely won’t be able to follow along.

Then, highlight some of the aspects you’ll miss most about the deceased. You can close out the eulogy by talking about what you plan to do to honor their memory, be it donating to a charity they loved or adopting a perspective in life they felt strongly about. 

How to Deliver Your Speech

funeral serviceLeading up to the funeral service, practice delivering your eulogy one to three times. Don’t practice too much, though, or you might lose some of the personal inflection and emotion that goes into speaking.

Also, focus on mindful pauses. For example, if you have a particular statement about the deceased that you really want to resonate, practice leaving a two- to three-second pause afterward to let it sink in. Speak clearly and enunciate—this is especially important if the eulogy will be delivered via an online service. In this case, try to practice talking about a quarter-second slower than usual to accommodate for any lags in the service or sound. 


If you need to put together a funeral service for a dearly departed loved one, turn to the compassionate team at Middendorf Funeral Home. Since 1863, they’ve provided residents throughout Northern Kentucky with the guidance, insight, and care needed to put together a beautiful, respectful memorial. Visit their website or call (859) 341-7800 to learn more today. 

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