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3 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Office Printers August 31, 2020

Jessup, Anne Arundel
3 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Office Printers, Jessup, Maryland

Throughout any workday, your office printers handle a wide variety of jobs and serve as essential components in productivity and workflow. When you need to stop for printer repairs, it can mean sacrificing efficiency and missing deadlines. Be aware of the common signs that your office needs a printer upgrade.

How to Tell Your Office Needs New Printers

1. Outdated Printer Security

Offices with older printers pose a cybersecurity risk. As long as they’re connected to a network, they’re vulnerable to security breaches. A lack of updated protections will only result in greater susceptibility. Thankfully, new printers are designed with security in mind.

Choose features like password-protected functionality, which requires users to enter a password when they need to print, and encryption, which transmits data in code across the business network so it’s indecipherable to hackers.

2. Common Breakdowns

printer repairIf you've noticed an uptick in the number of service calls the office has placed for printer repairs, an upgraded system will save both money and stress. Instead of paying for an indeterminate amount of repairs and replacement parts, invest in new printers that are more reliable. You'll also avoid employee frustrations over having to wait to perform the basic print-jobs that are part of their duties.

3. Growing Business

Adding projects, employees, merchandise, or services comes with increased printer usage, and old office printers may not be able to keep up. The increased workload can cause them to slow considerably or start to break down more frequently. Buy new printers that can accommodate your evolving business with larger print capacities, wireless networking, and razor-sharp image quality.


Instead of letting these issues affect your workday, benefit your business by investing in additional printers for the office. Laser Line has been serving businesses throughout the Jessup, MD, area since 1989. They offer printer repair and service, as well as printer sales and supplies. They are an HP® partner proudly featuring HP devices like multi-function printers and laser printers. Call (410) 636-1700 or visit them online to request a quote for printer installation.


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