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How to Get Your Puppy Ready for Their First Vet Appointment September 28, 2020

Moanalua, Honolulu
How to Get Your Puppy Ready for Their First Vet Appointment, Honolulu, Hawaii

Getting your first puppy is exciting at any age. Once you introduce your new animal companion to your home and family, you’ll need to take them to a veterinarian for a general examination, pet vaccinations, and treatment for fleas and ticks. Since this new experience can make any dog nervous, use the following guide to prepare your pup for their first appointment.

4 Tips to Get Ready for Your Puppy’s First Vet Trip

1. Go for a Drive

Puppies may feel anxious when riding in cars. In the weeks leading up to the first appointment, go for drives to locations that will be fun for them, such as local dog parks and recreation areas. This will help them associate getting into the car with pleasant experiences.

2. Schedule a Meet & Greet

Ask the veterinary clinic if you can bring your new furry friend to meet the staff during a less busy time of day. Have a quick walk around the grounds to get your pup accustomed to the sights and smells. When the time comes for the appointment, they’ll feel more at ease in a familiar environment.

3. Practice a Veterinarian’s Touch

veterinarianThe first appointment will consist of a head-to-tail physical exam. While spending time with your dog at home, handle them the same way a veterinarian will during an examination to prepare them. Pet them gently, lift up their ears and tail, and hold up each paw.

4. Use a Short Leash or Crate

Put your puppy in a crate for easy transport to the vet. Make it more comfortable by placing their favorite toys, treats, and blankets inside. If you choose to put them on a leash instead, use a short lead, so you can keep them close to you and limit their contact with other animals. 


When your puppy is ready for their first veterinarian appointment, get in touch with Kokua Pet Clinic. With 20 years of experience, this veterinary clinic offers pet vaccines, health exams, and preventative medicine to Honolulu dogs and cats. Call (808) 843-8382 to schedule an appointment. Visit the website to learn more about their services, including ear cropping and heartworm prevention.

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