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3 Ways to Attract More Customers to Your Mobile Food Truck August 24, 2020

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
3 Ways to Attract More Customers to Your Mobile Food Truck, Brooklyn, New York

The mobile food truck industry is booming, with sales projected to reach $2.2 billion annually. Success for the business owner depends upon delivering quick food service while providing the customer with a memorable dining event. However, you need to attract diners to your truck. Below, discover a few tips for reaching a wider customer base.

How a Mobile Food Truck Can Reach More Customers

1. Get Social

Having a web presence helps introduce a wider customer base to your food truck. A mobile food truck can only travel so far, but your web presence can stretch all the way around the world. Build a website that includes your full menu, vibrant photographs, and where the truck is located throughout the week.

Also, create profiles on major social media sites and update your posts at least a few times a week. Advertise specials, promote contests, and engage directly with customers and potential customers. You could see your sales increase exponentially.

2. Build Rapport

mobile food trucksJust because food service at a truck is fast doesn't mean it should lack connection. Talk to your customers. Learn their first names and welcome them by name when they return. Offer loyalty perks, like a free beverage or dessert on birthdays. Start a punch-card customer loyalty program where customers can earn a free meal after a certain number of visits.

People remember good, personal service that reminds them they are appreciated, and they will tell their friends about their experience.

3. Offer a Diverse Menu

Even if your menu is small, make it diverse enough that the majority of customers will find something to order. Have at least one specialty item, such as a vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free option. Extend daily specials in addition to regular menu fare.

Since customers like to have choices, allow them to substitute portions or customize the meal. They will likely be more inclined to spread positive word of mouth about your food truck when they know that others with varying menu preferences will be accommodated.


By implementing these strategies, you can attract more customers to your mobile food truck without a lot of cost or effort. When you need food truck repair, design, or supplies, trust Shanghai Mobile Kitchen Solutions. Since 1979, this Brooklyn, NY-based company has been providing mobile kitchen products and services to business owners in Philadelphia, Boston, New Jersey, Maryland, and North Carolina. Call (800) 253-4815 or visit them online to start planning your food truck business.

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