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Do’s & Don’ts of Denture Care September 21, 2020

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Do’s & Don’ts of Denture Care, Mayfield, New York

Dentures are an effective, popular way to restore a smile. However, like all dental prosthetics, they require regular care. In addition to following the recommendations of your dentist, here’s some advice to maintain your dentures. 


Clean and soak.

Dentures will only be useful if you care for them. Bacteria can accumulate in the trays and lead to gum irritation and plaque buildup. They may also erode the prosthetic, so continue brushing them every day.

Use denture care products approved by dentists to keep them white and sterile, and soak them at night. Dentures often warp when they dry out and won’t fit comfortably. Soaking at night moistens them and removes lingering bacteria.

Handle with care.

dentistCarefully hold your dentures when you take them out or put them in. The false teeth can break, and you can also damage the denture plate.

Poor-fitting dentures impact how you speak, eat, and may also cause gum swelling if they’re too tight. Handle them over a towel or plush pad, and keep them out of reach from kids and pets when they’re soaking.


Sleep with your dentures in.

Dentures create pressure throughout the day to stay in place. Taking them out at night gives your gums a chance to expand and relax. Sleeping in dentures can reduce bone density in the ridges below your gums, causing the prosthetics not to fit properly.

Eat food that’s harmful to oral health.

Sugary and acidic foods can erode your dentures. Sugar sweets, citrus, soda, and processed meals can also wear down your denture plates. Watch out for stain-causing foods and drinks like berries and coffee that discolor the teeth.


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