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The Do’s & Don’ts of Sharing an Apartment With Roommates September 28, 2020

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The Do’s & Don’ts of Sharing an Apartment With Roommates, Cookeville, Tennessee

Many people rent their first apartment with roommates, and it can be an exciting experience. Balance and respect are essential for keeping everyone happy, so you’ll want to follow a few guidelines before locking in your apartment for rent. Below is a helpful guide to ensure the best outcome for everyone.


Carefully inspect the apartment together.

A pre-rental inspection is a must. It ensures everyone likes the space and discovers any issues that need to be repaired by the management company. Take a close look for carpet stains, countertop scratches, or damage to the walls. Take photos and share this information with the property management so you don’t lose your security deposit when you move out.

Establish rules before signing the lease.

apartment-cookevilleDiscussing ground rules in the beginning will let you know right away if roommates are compatible. No one wants a roommate partying all hours of the night or using everyone's personal items.

Discuss general rules with everyone, like quiet hours or when to have guests over. They should be willing to chip in on buying furniture, cookware, and other supplies and be respectful of shared spaces. These ground rules set the stage so you can all live together in harmony.


Be the sole leaseholder.

Everyone needs to be accountable for their share of the apartment. If you’re the sole leaseholder, roommates can come and go, leaving you to cover rent costs during their absence.

Each person should have an equal share of the lease. If they want to move out, they’ll have to find someone to take over the lease and won’t be able to leave everyone else in a bind.

Assign chores to one person.

Taking care of the apartment is a shared responsibility. Dole out chores evenly and reasonably so no one gets burned out. You can assign permanent duties or a rotating chore list based on what everyone prefers. You all can split the cost of a weekly cleaning service as an alternative.


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