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3 Estate Planning Tips for Social Media Users September 21, 2020

Honolulu, Honolulu
3 Estate Planning Tips for Social Media Users, Honolulu, Hawaii

Estate planning now will save your loved ones the emotional strain of a lengthy probate process later. In addition to the division of assets, an estate plan can give directions on what should be done with password-protected social media pages. Having access to the pictures, posts, and additional information in these accounts will give your relatives the tools to help your memory and legacy live on.  

How to Make Social Media Part of Your Estate Plan

1. Compile a List of Accounts

From Instagram to LinkedIn, your personal and professional photos, videos, and additional information might be shared and stored on multiple platforms. Create a list of all the outlets where you have an online presence. The document should also include the login username, password, and social media handle for each account. 

2. Name an Online Executor

Aiea-Honolulu-Hawaii-estate-planningIn the event of your incapacitation or death, there should be a point person to access your online accounts. Name a successor to your social media and provide them with the passwords for your accounts and instructions on what to do with each.

You might also choose to give this person access to your email and phone, as verification codes for social media sites are often sent via text message or email. This person should be tech-savvy and know how to navigate different social media platforms.

3. Draft a Social Media Will

Reach out to an estate planning attorney to draft a social media will. They’ll make sure the directives in the will adhere to the privacy policies and terms and conditions on each site.

They’ll also ensure the document asserts which accounts should be cancelled and kept active, which sites allow users to create memorial profiles, and that the online executor should get a copy of your death certificate. Your executor may need to provide this information to site administrators before being granted access to your accounts.


For estate planning assistance on Oahu, contact the attorneys at the Law Offices of Neil T. Nakamura & Associates. With over 40 years of experience securing clients’ futures, the attorneys will use their knowledge of the state’s estate laws to ensure your will, trusts, and additional directives are upheld by the courts. See the scope of the team’s practice areas online, or call (808) 945-7645 for a consultation.

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