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4 Home Improvement Projects for Fall October 7, 2020

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4 Home Improvement Projects for Fall, Norwood, Ohio

Fall offers comfortable temperatures that are perfect for taking care of projects around the house. As you write out a new to-do list, it can be a little tricky to know where to start. Before heading to a home improvement supply store, consider the following ideas to improve daily life and your home’s curb appeal.

What Upgrades Should You Make This Fall?

1. Replace the Windows

Many homes have high utility bills because air escapes through older windows or trim. This air loss may cause 25–30% of home energy use.

If your windows are several years old and have seen better days, take advantage of improved technology. Double-pane Energy Star®-certified models can save around 12% of energy use by repelling UV rays in the summer and retaining HVAC warmth in the winter.

2. Improve the Front Door 

home improvement supply Cincinnati OH AreaUpdate a door that needs a new paint job by sanding off the old layers and adding a fresh coating of paint and sealant. Replace an old, scratched-up model with a new door from a home improvement supply store. Increase security with updated hardware, such as a deadbolt with an electronic keypad and remote access. 

3. Update the Deck

If your home has a deck, inspect each board for cracks, splinters, and signs of pests, such as irregular holes. Replace problematic boards and power-wash the deck to remove built-up algae and mildew, preventing mold growth and extending the life of the materials.

Visit a home improvement supply store to choose new stain and sealant to keep the wood looking great and prevent moisture problems. If it’s time to replace or expand the deck, fall is ideal for a bigger lumber project as well.

4. Install Outdoor Lights

Your family should be able to spend time outdoors regardless of the time of day. With outdoor lighting, you won’t have to rely on sunlight for grilling, an evening game of fetch with the pup, and patio hangouts.

Have an electrician install fixtures along the patio and pathways so you can safely traverse the yard during the early nights. This upgrade also increases security by dissuading trespassers and making it easy to see the property.


Cincinnati, OH, homeowners interested in fall projects visit Huber Lumber to stock up on everything their to-do lists need. The company features staff with more than 110 years of experience working with doors, windows, decking, lumber, and more. Contact the Monroe Avenue home improvement supply store at (513) 731-4035 or visit the website to learn about their products.

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