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How to Decorate Your RV September 25, 2020

Fairfield, Butler
How to Decorate Your RV, Fairfield, Ohio

There are many practical considerations that come with owning a recreational vehicle (RV). For example, performing proper maintenance is necessary to keep you rolling, and having a reliable RV insurance policy will protect your investment from any mishaps. However, aside from practical considerations, the decor should also reflect your personal style. Below are a few design suggestions to make your RV eye-catching and exciting.

3 Decorating Tips to Beautify Your RV

1. Select Accent Colors

It may surprise you how much a few well-placed, colorful accents can impact your living quarters. Select fun colors, like lime green, bright yellow, or electric blue, to create an interior that shows off the fun and adventures you have. You can use these colors on different decor—such as throw pillows, table cloths, and area rugs—to tie the space together and contrast the neutral color of the walls.

2. Replace Furniture

While upgrading the furniture is the most significant way to change the look of an RV, reupholstering your current models is expensive and not the most cost-effective strategy. You may also be unhappy with the comfort of your current pieces, so replacing them with new furniture might be the better option.

insuranceTo do this, look for conventional options that fit into the smaller space. These include extra love seats, tables, and beds that you may have at your home. Make sure to measure the space carefully before installation to ensure that the furniture will fit. 

3. Use Wall Decor Strategically

If you’re not a fan of your RV’s wall color but don’t want to paint it or hang wall paper, choosing eclectic wall decor is a reliable option. Place posters, prints, maps, banners, and photos of the locations you visit throughout the RV. These items are affordable and create a personalized, unique atmosphere. You can also change the decor frequently, which is not possible if you paint the interior. 


The right insurance coverage ensures that your beautifully decorated RV has protection while you travel. 1st Choice Insurance in Fairfield, OH, takes pride in helping customers maintain and protect their investment. They also have experience with providing insurance to high-risk drivers, which helps you get the proper coverage to get back on the road again. Visit them online for more information about their services. Call (513) 860-0666 to request a quote.

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