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U-Roast-Em August Newsletter August 1, 2020

Solon Springs, Douglas
U-Roast-Em August Newsletter, Solon Springs, Wisconsin

U-Roast-Em August Newsletter

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Blowout Special

India Plantation AA – August Blowout Special!

$3.99/lb – while supplies last

Taste: Very smooth, with a pleasant nutty finish.  This unobtrusive bean is an outstanding blender.

Roast: Accepts all roast levels, but we liked it best at Medium Dark (Full City).  Gets bitter if over-roasted.

About:  Coffee is grown in three regions of India with Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu forming the traditional coffee growing region. Indian coffee is said to be the finest coffee grown in the shade rather than direct sunlight anywhere in the world. Often inter-cropped with spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, clove, Read More

New Offerings – Lotsa Sumatra, Woman Producer Honduras, Ethiopia Organic and a very special “ACES” from Colombia

Our inventory is expanding – here are just a few of our newest single origins.  Watch for our weekly “Bean of the Week” updates for many more!

Sumatra – Mutu Batak

As low as $7.59/pound

Taste: Sumatra coffee is such a popular blender, it’s not often we source a bean that we DO NOT recommend blending.  This wet-hulled gem from our partners at Hacienda La Minita produces an aromatic and flavorful cup so packed with deep flavor we think its best enjoyed as a single origin.  The high 87 cupping score, syrupy mouthfeel, pleasant and obvious herbal aroma, and intense earthy flavors make this Sumatra stand out from the pack.  This cup shines early in the morning, and also as an after-dinner complement to a rich dessert.

Roast: This is a softer bean, so you’ll get best results if you lower the temp a bit and extend the Maillard reaction (development phase) through 1st crack.  We think its best at Medium roast (City) to capture all the flavors, but it tastes nice and roasty at Medium Dark (Full City).  Beyond that and you’ll lose this bean’s best flavor.

About: Soil Type: Dark organic soil rich in organic material. Ripe cherries are harvested each day, next Read more

Sumatra Aceh – Harimau Tiger

As low as $7.39/pound

Taste:  Harimau Tiger is back by popular demand! It combines the earthy and grassy attributes of a typical Aceh, but produces a brighter and more complex taste (at the same price!), especially at Medium (City Roast).  Its outstanding  as a single origin cup for those looking for something unique, and is one of our favorite blenders when paired with something smooth like a Costa Rican, Colombian Excelso or even a Tanzania Peaberry.

Roast: Medium (City Roast) to Medium/Dark (Full City Roast). Darker than that and you might get some bitter notes.

About: Harimau Tiger captures the classic characteristics of a Sumatran coffee while also Read more


Sumatra Mandheling

As low as $7.19/pound

Taste: Mandheling has low acidity, and notes of cocoa, leather and the traditional mild earthy flavor.

Roast: Extending the drying time brings out the sweetness in this bean. We like a medium to medium/dark roast.

About: Sumatra Mandheling coffee is one of the common four types of Sumatra coffee. While most coffee is named after the growing region, or the country, Mandheling coffee is named after Read more

Honduras Marcala – Women Coffee Producer Program – Fair Trade Organic

As low as $6.39

Taste: This women owned offering delivers a creamy-smooth traditional clean cup of coffee with a lingering smoky aftertaste.

Roast: A light roast will bring out the lemon in this cup. Right before second crack produces the buttery smoothness that Hondurans are known for. Bring it into second crack to bring out the sweet, rich pecan and toffee flavors.

About: The 2016/2017 harvest saw our first opportunity to source a Women Coffee Producer lot from this group “Cooperativa RAOS (Regional de Agricultores Orgánicos de la Sierra)”, whose 270-farmer membership includes…Read More

 Ethiopia Limu Organic – Tega and Tula Farm

As low as $7.59/lb

Taste: This Ethiopian exhibits a tart cranberry note with a slightly tea-like aftertaste and delicate mouthfeel. It would be a great blender with some of our more "chocolaty" varieties such as Mexican Chiapas Cristal or Colombia Gran Galope.

Roast: As with most Ethiopian beans, a lighter roast – especially when using in a blend – imparts the brightness and sparkle many roasters and coffee drinkers desire.  This bean has a lighter mouthfeel, and brought just to 2nd crack cups well on its own or in a blend.

For more roasting information, check out Ethiopian coffee: a roasters guide

About: Tega & Tula Specialty Coffee Farm is named after the two nearby villages of Tega and Tula, found in the woreda, or district, of Gibo, in Kaffa, Ethiopia. The farm is 500 hectares in size, with nearly 400 hectares planted in coffee, Read More


Colombia – Diever Galindez – Finca Las Juntas – Pink Bourbon - ACES

Taste: The first thing we noticed about this brew was the fragrant aroma of red wine.  On the palate the high cupping score (88) is evident in the robust but very smooth chocolate and berry notes, and the full velvety mouth feel.

Roast: This dense been roasts best with a higher charge temp, and then a slightly elongated development phase (lower the temp a bit and/or increase the fan speed).  Its packed with natural flavor and sweetness that is better experienced at a lighter roast.  Our favorite was Medium (City) roast – just after first crack.

About: Diever Galindez owns the farm Las Juntas, where he grows Pink Bourbon. He’s a member of Asociación Los Naranjos.Asociación Los Naranjos was founded by a tight-knit group of farmers in the area surrounding the town of San Agustín, Huila. Despite the small size of the farms—2.5 hectares or less, on average—and the fact that most producers grow fewer than 12,000 trees, the coffees coming from Los Naranjos have consistently been some of the best and brightest on… Read More

Connoisseur’s Corner – Coming Soon!

U-Roast-Em carries only 100% Specialty Grade Arabica Beans.  Several customers asked if we might carry a few more “best of the best” offerings, so we’ve added a few beans that are at the top end of the Specialty Grade quality spectrum.  Look for these beans in mid August in our new Connoisseur’s Corner. 

Learning Center

Want to try blending? Check out our most recent exclusive article:

5 Blending Tips For Home Roasters

We Love Our Customers

La Candelilla Micromill-Finca La Palmilera-Gesha-Natural Is a fabulous coffee. I have a Behmor 1600 AB plus. Just roasted my first 1/2 lb of this wonderful Costa Rican bean.I roasted on manual, fast drum to start at P5. At 9:30 I slowed the drum and went to P4 temp. 1st Crack came at 11:05 and I lowered temp to P3. I hit cool at 13:05 and opened the door. Did not get into 2nd crack but it had to be close given the time after first crack began.I roast outside, which is not recommended by Behmor, but it allows me to open the door immediately when I go to cooling, without worrying about chaff.

Hope this helps you Behmor owners… Mark R


This Ecuador Pablo Ponce Sidra coffee bean makes a lovely, chocolaty cup of coffee. The aroma of the roasted beans reminds me of a chocolate shop except this shop sells dark, bittersweet chocolate none of that milky British chocolate. So long as we are on this culinary trip maybe next door there is a wine shop that emanates the aroma of dark, ruby red pinot noir. That was the aroma the roasted beans conjured up for me.
When roasted at medium (full city) the aroma of dark chocolate remains. The cup of brewed (strong) coffee served black, is aromatic, smooth and creamy. If you add cream it actually loses some of its character and when I compared it with my freshly roasted Colombian Excelso, both with cream, it actually lost that taste test. Black it was slightly superior due to less acid and thus a smoothness in your mouth that the Colombian lacked.
In the end, for me, this bean is, like some other South American beans, a treat. I might not choose it every day but if I want something impressive, this would be the bean I might choose…Kris P

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Professional Coffee Flavorings

Every once in a while, don’t you crave a steaming cup of Highlander Grogg, Southern Pecan, or Jazzy Java flavored coffee?  Want to flavor your roasted beans like a pro? Check out our entire selection of professional coffee flavors.  Choose from over 10 Flavors!

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