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The Dos & Don’ts of Dealing With Athlete’s Foot August 11, 2020

Norwich, New London
The Dos & Don’ts of Dealing With Athlete’s Foot, Norwich, Connecticut

Athlete’s foot, also known as foot fungus, is an infection that typically occurs as a result of excess sweat. Characterized by a scaly and itchy red rash, it can also be spread by contact and move to other parts of the body, such as the hands. See a podiatrist if you exhibit these symptoms and they don’t improve after the following care tips. 


Choose breathable footwear.

Tight, constrictive footwear is a major contributor to foot fungus. Podiatrists recommend breathable shoes to prevent moisture buildup. When supportive sandals aren’t an option, consider sneakers with breathable mesh fabric. You can also look for moisture-wicking socks made from sweat-wicking material, such as lightweight merino wool.

Wash & dry your feet thoroughly.

podiatristBasic foot hygiene, including washing your feet daily, is one of the best lines of defense against fungal infections. Because moisture can cause the rash, keeping your feet dry is also important.

Towel your feet off when you get out of the shower. If you’ve already noticed signs of athlete’s foot, use a separate, clean towel for your feet each time to prevent it from spreading. Then, allow them to air dry completely before putting on socks.


Wear wet shoes or socks.

Long exercise sessions or trudging through puddles will leave your feet damp. To combat the moisture, bring a change of socks and shoes if you know your feet will be getting wet. Endurance athletes should swap out their sneakers every other day to give them a chance to dry completely.

Go barefoot in shared spaces.

Foot fungus can be contracted in public areas where people are barefoot, including gym locker rooms. For this reason, many podiatrists suggest wearing sandals in these areas. Also, don a pair of flip-flops in hotel showers and by public pools.


Whether you’re experiencing signs of fungus or another foot condition, Eastern CT Foot Specialists can help. These podiatrists help patients in Norwich and North Windham, CT overcome a broad range of foot-related challenges, including fungal infections, nail issues, and pain. See their full list of podiatric care services online. Call (860) 887-3538 to schedule an appointment in the Norwich office, or (860) 456-9593 for North Windham.

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