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3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Shed Size September 30, 2020

Norwood, Norwood
3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Shed Size, Norwood, Ohio

Backyard sheds are convenient and practical for numerous uses. When building your own, there are a few key questions to ask yourself to ensure you're not only giving yourself enough space but also that you're buying enough building materials for the job. Here’s a closer look at how to choose the right shed size for your needs. 

What to Consider When Building a Shed

1. How You’ll Use It

When deciding what size shed you want, consider how you plan to use it. While sheds are excellent for storing tools and outdoor equipment, they can also provide a convenient workspace or hobby house for painting, woodworking, and sculpting.

If you plan to store heavy machinery, factor in additional height and width to provide clearance and avoid awkward maneuvering. Also, consider how much vertical and horizontal space you'll need for shelving and work stations. 

2. Where You Want It

When planning the measurements for your shed, factor in the land where you plan to build it. Make sure you have the right terrain to support an outbuilding and enough space to accommodate it. 

building materialsConsider zoning laws in your area that may require a certain amount of space between a structure and your property line, ensuring you're not exceeding the legal limits. Building outside of your legal zones may result in fines or having to remove your structure entirely.

3. What the Future Holds

For many, a modest outdoor tool shed is large enough to store basic gardening and seasonal equipment, but if you have plans to use your shed for larger items, such as recreational vehicles and sporting goods, or as a functional space, it might be wise to factor future growth into your design.

Spending a bit more on building materials now can save you on the cost to expand or replace your shed if your needs change in the future. For example, if your family is growing or you decide to install a pool in a couple of years, you’ll thank yourself later for the additional storage space.


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