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3 Ways to Increase Your Food Truck’s Revenue August 21, 2020

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
3 Ways to Increase Your Food Truck’s Revenue, Brooklyn, New York

There is no question that mobile food trucks are booming. Reports show that the food truck industry has grown steadily in recent years. But there is a difference between a growing industry and a growing business, and it isn’t always easy to know what will help you increase your revenue. Below are some helpful tips that can get your numbers up.

How to Boost Your Food Truck’s Sales

1. Shake Up Your Menu

A customer’s taste in food changes with the seasons. A hearty bean stew won’t sell well in the sweltering summer heat and fresh spring green tacos won’t be much of a draw on a brisk winter day.

Adjusting your menu with recipes from your chosen cuisine appropriate to the time of year will keep interest in your mobile food truck lively. Furthermore, you’ll expand your recipe repertoire and gain new ideas on how to innovate, such as offering specialty coffee or shakes.

2. Seek Out Jobs at Business Events

mobile food trucksAttracting foot traffic at local markets, fairs, concerts, and other events is the bread and butter of mobile food trucks, but these can dry up pretty quickly when the crowds are thin. The solution to this is looking for a steady job, like office parties and retreats.

These occasions are budgeted, and organizers are more likely to be attracted to a local food truck with great food and costs as low as $20-$25 per head for each attendee. Research local companies and events, and tailor your pitch for each prospective client. You can build your reputation and a steady stream of additional income through these events.

3. Think Creatively to Attract New Customers

Operating a mobile food truck is about the experience as much as good food. Making it memorable and creative is essential for drawing attention. This can be as simple as adding music or offering mobile payment options. It could also be offering unique treats and sides that no one else has. During warmer months, you could offer a selection of ice creams and popsicles, or warm drinks in the winter.

To truly stand out, you’ll have to do some market research to find out what other truck operators are doing. Identify something that no else is offering and make it a specialty.


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