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5 Signs of Drainfield Problems August 26, 2020

Union, Ross
5 Signs of Drainfield Problems, Union, Ohio

Your septic system’s drainfield provides space for wastewater to filter efficiently. While solid waste and floatable matter such as oil, grease, and fat remain in the tank, wastewater exits the holding space through perforated pipes and filters through drainfield soil. By the time wastewater hits groundwater reserves, it is clean once again. Here, review common signs of drainfield issues to help you take the best care of your septic system.

5 Common Warning Signs of Drainfield Issues

1. Standing Water

When wastewater pools over your drainfield instead of percolating through the soil, one of several issues could be to blame. The drainfield may be compacted from heavy foot traffic or parking vehicles over it, preventing quick draining. Standing water can also signal household water usage beyond what the septic system can handle, or a broken pipe interfering with flow and drainage processes.

2. Foul Odors

As the drainfield becomes saturated with wastewater that isn’t draining, you’ll notice foul odors emanating from the area. Drainfields can produce sewage odors if solid waste leaks out of the septic tank because the holding space is overloaded and needs pumping. Cracked tanks from excessive waste can send solids into the drainfield as well.

3. Slow-Draining Sinks

septic systemWater drains at an increasingly slow rate when drainfields are compromised because of clogs or compaction. Without septic system services, water in household sinks eventually stops draining and creates standing water issues. Slow and standing water problems can also occur because of clogs in plumbing, so have your pipes and drainfield inspected.

4. Excessive Plant Growth

Exposure to extra nutrients from wastewater provides grass and plants with fertilizer, making the vegetation on top of your drainfield excessively green and lush. Growth happens faster, resulting in extraordinarily large plants and tall grass on and around the drainfield.

5. Toilet Problems

Like household sinks, toilets also begin draining slowly because of failing septic systems. If the drainfield is impacted or clogged from solid waste, wastewater and sewage can back up in toilets because they have nowhere else to go. Overloaded septic tanks often cause the same problems.


Keep your drainfield and the rest of your septic system functional with services from Notestone County Sanitary Service in Chillicothe, OH. Offering drain, septic tank, and sewer cleaning, this company has provided Ross County and the surrounding areas with industrial, commercial, and residential services for over 60 years. Call the family-owned business at (740) 772-1189 to make an appointment or learn more about services online. Get additional septic system maintenance tips on Facebook.

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