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4 Ways to Prepare for an Eye Exam September 21, 2020

Crown Heights, Brooklyn
4 Ways to Prepare for an Eye Exam, Brooklyn, New York

Like going to the dentist every six months and getting a physical every year, routine eye exams help you stay proactive about your health. During the visit, the eye doctor determines the current condition of your eyes and whether to update your prescription. Here’s how to prepare for an eye exam.

How Should You Get Ready for an Eye Test?

1. Make a List of Questions

Create a list of questions for your eye doctor, such as those concerning any vision issues or eye pain you’ve experienced lately. Ask about procedures you’re interested in, such as LASIK. Include queries concerning different types of contacts, reading glasses, and other vision correction products.

2. Decide Whether You Want Additional Testing

eye examConsider the benefits of optional testing at the appointment. You may opt for glaucoma testing to detect early warning signs of the disease. During this quick, painless exam, you click a button when you see squiggly lines on the screen.

With the right preventive care, it’s possible to delay and manage the disease effectively. You may also want the blood vessels in your eyes examined, as high blood pressure in the eyes can indicate glaucoma and other diseases such as diabetes.

3. Review Your Family Eye Health History

Call your relatives if necessary so you have an idea of your family’s eye health history. Learn if any family members have had diseases, such as cataracts, retinal detachment, and macular degeneration, or glaucoma, and let your optometrist know during the eye exam.

4. Bring Eye Medications & Glasses

Bring all prescription and non-prescription eye medications you take, or make a list of them to provide the eye doctor. Also, bring your current glasses or contacts, since they provide prescription information. Wear glasses to the appointment instead of contacts since they’re easier to take off during the exam. 


Schedule your eye exam with Clear Vision Center in Brooklyn, NY. The locally owned practice has served residents for 11 years, providing a wide range of designer eyeglasses in addition to comprehensive vision care. Call (718) 771-0078 today to request an appointment or learn more about the vision center online.

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