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4 FAQs About Flossing Your Teeth September 11, 2020

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4 FAQs About Flossing Your Teeth, Oxford, Ohio

Flossing is an essential aspect of dental care. This is especially true for people with braces, as food and plaque can become stuck under braces and cause cavities to form. That’s precisely why orthodontists urge their patients to know the fact about flossing, as explained here. 

A Guide to Flossing

What’s the proper way to floss?

Start with a length of floss that’s at least 18 inches, and wrap either end around the middle fingers on each hand. As you move from tooth to tooth, wind up the floss on one finger, so you’re always using a clean section. Slid the floss up and down gently between the teeth when cleaning. Along with flossing between teeth, make sure you floss along the gum line. 

How often should you floss?

It’s recommended that you floss once per day. It’s best to floss at night, so you don’t leave any food particles to linger on your teeth as you sleep. It should take about two or three minutes to floss your entire mouth, so make sure you’re not missing any teeth as you go. 

Are there different types of floss?

orthodontistSome floss is coated with wax to make it easier to slide between teeth. There is also unwaxed floss, which is good for people with teeth that are very close together, in which case waxed floss might not be able to fit. Conversely, people with larger spaces between the teeth may benefit from dental tape, which is much wider than conventional floss. 

Is a Waterpik® a good alternative to flossing?

Waterpiks are great for people with braces, who often have difficulty accessing all areas of their mouth with floss. However, a Waterpik should not be used as a substitute for flossing, as it’s not as effective at removing plaque from teeth. 


If you experience issues with dental crowding or misalignment, flossing can be more difficult. That’s why working with a skilled orthodontist is so crucial, and in Fairfield, OH, Lamont Jacobs Orthodontics is well-known for quality dental services. They offer a wide range of treatment options, including traditional braces and Invisalign®, and they make sure all patients know the proper dental care methods before leaving the office. They even strive to make services more affordable by offering discounts to patients whose family members also visit the practice, as well as discounting those who pay in full prior to the procedure. Learn more about their treatment options online or call (513) 829-7045 to schedule an appointment. 

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