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A Brief Guide to Adding Chandeliers August 7, 2020

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A Brief Guide to Adding Chandeliers, ,

Chandeliers are a gorgeous lighting option that can fit in any space. Available in a variety of styles and shapes, finding the perfect spot and aesthetic for each room helps tie together your interior design. Below is a brief guide to help you plan your light fixtures.

Decorating Tips

Decide on the chandelier size. Too large, and it can overwhelm the room, but choosing one that is too small will not provide the impact this type of light fixture can have on your decor. Add the dimensions of the room in feet and then convert the answer to inches. The result is the diameter you want.

Make sure your choice complements the vibe of the room. Look at materials and colors, and stay in line with whether your decor is modern and sleek, ornate, or rustic. For example, a crystal and gold chandelier may not work well in a room that has neutrals and wood elements. Instead, place a fancier fixture in a formal living room or entryway where it can be a breathtaking focal point.

Placement Ideas

light fixtureHanging chandeliers in a dining room or kitchen should be 30 to 36 inches over the table. For hallways and foyers, especially for those with high ceilings, seven feet is the lowest to go. Chandelier chains can be shortened and lengthened when necessary.

Traditional placement includes over tables or in the center of the room and hallway, but there are other places that a chandelier can make a dramatic impact. Place a compact version over your kitchen island, which adds style as well as additional illumination.

Chandeliers can be placed in virtually any room of the house. Add one over your bed in the master suite as well as a dimmable fixture over a bathtub to add style and ambiance. Even children’s rooms can sport a whimsical chandelier.


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