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3 Ways Pets Affect HVAC Systems August 24, 2020

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3 Ways Pets Affect HVAC Systems, Perry, Ohio

Welcoming a new pet into the home means you have to clean more often to prevent fur and dander from clinging to surfaces. Even still, some of the particles can filter through vents and registers and end up in the air conditioning and heating system. Learn how pets affect the HVAC system and how you can prevent performance problems here. 

How Pets Affect Air Conditioning & Heating Equipment

1.  Blocked Vents & Registers

To keep their animals comfortable, many people put pet bedding near HVAC vents and registers. As the animals move around, beds and blankets can get pushed against the grates.

When the air return vents are blocked, not enough air filters to the furnace. Mechanical components work overtime as a result, which can cause premature wear and breakdowns. To keep the system intact, create a large clearing near the grates or put pet bedding in another part of the house.       

2. Clogged Air Filter

Perry-Ohio-air-conditioningWhen dogs and cats shed, the hair makes its way into air conditioning and heating ducts and gets trapped in the filter. This prevents the fur from building up on the furnace blower or air conditioning coils.

Over time, the screen can become clogged with fur. This restricts airflow into the air handler, which could cause the entire system to overheat and fail. To prevent this, check the filter once a month to determine whether it needs to be changed.

3. Corroded Coils

If you let your new dog roam in the yard, be mindful of where they use the restroom. To mark their territory, your pup will urinate on fencing, patios, and other installations in the yard.

To protect the AC system’s outdoor condenser unit, put fencing around it. Without the barrier, your dog could be tempted to urinate on the unit. Urine can seep inside and corrode the coils.


For HVAC repair and preventative maintenance to extend the life of your furnace and air conditioning system, contact the fully licensed and insured crew at E Dake Ltd The Plumbing & Heating Doctors in Perry, OH. They will also provide a free indoor air quality consultation and outfit your home with purification equipment to prevent allergy attacks from pet dander. Learn more about the filtration systems online and call (440) 259-5997 for an appointment in Lake County. See installation photos on Facebook

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