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A Helpful Guide to Power Outages September 14, 2020

Wisconsin Rapids, Wood
A Helpful Guide to Power Outages, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

An electrical outage cuts off many modern conveniences, from internet access to heating and cooling units. Understanding what causes blackouts and how to react safely can prepare you for dealing with unexpected difficulties, while knowing if you need to arrange for emergency electrical repair reduces personal risks. This guide discusses some of the common reasons for power loss, as well as safety tips for behavior during blackouts, and ways to prevent future outages.

The Top Causes of Power Outages

Weather is often to blame for the loss of power. High winds, falling trees, and ice storms can all disconnect electrical lines. Animals are also a common nuisance, chewing through wires and damaging the connectors.

Human error, such as collisions with electrical poles or diggers hitting underground wires, can temporarily disable the electrical system. And spikes in energy consumption can overload the grid, causing equipment failure.

Preventing Power Outages

emergency electrical repairWhile many blackouts are caused by factors out of one person’s control, there are a few steps you can take to reduce the risk of losing power. When planting trees, don’t place them directly beneath the power lines.

As plants grow, trim them regularly to keep them clear of all electrical wires. Call 811 before digging to check for buried cables. Report any signs of danger, such as rotting power poles or dangling lines, to your electric company. If there is an immediate hazard, call 911 before requesting emergency electrical repairs. 

How to Remain Safe During a Blackout

Always avoid downed power lines or electrical wiring that is in contact with water. If the weather is severe, seek out an alternate location that still has functional heating and cooling. Turn off or unplug lights, appliances, and other electrical devices.

If this isn’t done, they could cause a secondary outage when the power surges back into the system. To preserve perishable food, keep the refrigerators and freezers closed. According to the FDA, a full freezer keeps food cold for 48 hours, even without power, as long as it isn’t opened. Keep a stock of flashlights with batteries or candles and matches to provide a backup light source.


If you suddenly find yourself without power, contact E-Con Electric, Inc. in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, for emergency electrical repairs. With help from their 24/7 emergency services, an outage won’t leave you short on power for long. Call them at (715) 423-8440 day or night to receive immediate support from an experienced electrician. To learn more about their impressive line of electrical services, visit their website.

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