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Should You Remodel Your Bathroom or Kitchen First? September 23, 2020

Moriches, Suffolk County
Should You Remodel Your Bathroom or Kitchen First?, Moriches, New York

If you have big remodeling dreams for your home, it’s important to come up with a time frame for all your projects so that you can budget appropriately. For example, there are a variety of factors you should consider when deciding whether you should update your bathroom or kitchen first. Use this helpful guide to ensure you make the best decision for your situation.

3 Considerations When Deciding Between Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

1. Priority

Honestly evaluate the condition of your kitchen and bathrooms to determine which area needs to be updated first. For example, if your shower leaks, your bathroom cabinets are loose, and the bathroom lighting is poor, the bathroom should take priority. However, if issues in the kitchen make it difficult to cook regularly, you may need to address this room first.

2. Use

remodelingSome people spend a great deal of time in the bathroom, whether they like to take long showers, engage in rigorous skin care practices, or spend more time putting on make-up. If you expect to be in the bathroom more often than the kitchen, remodel the powder room first.

In some families, children do their homework in the kitchen while the parents prepare dinner. If your kitchen is used for social gatherings, this may be reason enough to update it first.

3. Market Value

If you plan on selling your home in the near future, the improvements you make should provide you with a return on the investment you put into renovations. It’s rare for a bathroom remodeling project to boost a home’s value more than updating the kitchen.

Buyers often focus on the kitchen, because they like to envision themselves preparing or eating meals in this area. For this reason, a kitchen remodeling project may help you sell your home for a higher price.


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