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4 Common Boat Insurance Claims August 6, 2020

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4 Common Boat Insurance Claims, Hubbard, Texas

Boating can be a fun and relaxing experience for the whole family. While most outings are safe and uneventful, there may be rare occasions in which unexpected issues arise. Luckily, boat insurance is designed to protect owners in these situations. Here are some of the more frequently made claims.

What Are the Most Common Boat Insurance Claims?

1. Collision

Colliding with another object while you’re on the water can cause significant damage. Often, these collisions take place between a boat and an underwater object, like a buoy or debris, that’s difficult to see through murky waters.

Collision coverage can also cover losses if your boat strikes another boat in the water. Installing a GPS and sensors can help you avoid these accidents.

2. Theft

Boat issues don’t only occur when you’re on your vessel. Insurance can also cover the theft of the boat when it’s in the marina, along with objects that are on board.

You can install a boat security system to protect your vessel and possessions. Additionally, keep an inventory of items on your boat, and try to avoid storing valuables in the vessel.

3. Storm Damage

boat insuranceBoats may sometimes be vulnerable to damage from extreme weather, like thunderstorms and strong winds. Check weather forecasts before taking out your vessel to reduce the likelihood of damage while you’re out. If it occurs when your boat is stored, filing a claim may help you get the necessary repairs.

4. Injury

Boating injuries can sometimes occur due to strong waves or inexperienced sailing. Whoever is operating the vessel should take boating safety courses. Medical payments or liability coverage may help pay medical expenses for you or other passengers who get injured while aboard.


If you’re looking for boat insurance coverage, the professionals at Texas Brand Insurance in Hubbard, TX, can help. The insurance company has been providing quality policy options to residents and businesses in for over 35 years. The dedicated team works with top providers and offers an array of options, including home, auto, farm, and commercial insurance. Visit the agency’s website or call (254) 576-1180 to request an appointment.

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