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4 FAQ About Lawn Grubs September 22, 2020

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4 FAQ About Lawn Grubs, Cromwell, Connecticut

Lawn grubs are actually beetle larvae. These C-shaped pests have white bodies that are about half an inch long, and they consume grass roots and other organic matter. Grubs can cause lawns to turn brown and die. Here, get answers to common lawn care questions regarding grubs, so you can keep your grass lush and healthy.

A Guide to Grubs & Lawn Care

What are the signs of grubs in my lawn?

In addition to causing brown patches, grubs will also make it easy to pull up grass. If the infestation is severe, entire sections of turf can be pulled up with little effort to reveal the grubs beneath.

If you count 10 or more larvae per square foot, the infestation is serious. If you have an infestation, you will also notice wildlife such as crows and raccoons digging up your lawn to feast on the pests.

If my neighbor’s lawn has grubs, will my lawn get them too?

lawn careWhether or not your property becomes infested has more to do with your lawn than whether your neighbor has grubs. Adult beetles prefer laying eggs in lawns that receive full sun and have sufficient soil moisture.

If it’s been a dry season, but your lawn remains hydrated, it will attract beetles. Since grubs burrow into the soil during winter and are therefore immune to frigid temperatures, preventative measures remain the best way to deal with larvae.

How can I get rid of an infestation?

Eliminating an infestation depends in part on the grub species. A lawn care professional will be able to identify the type of bug and provide the appropriate treatment. For example, if you’re dealing with Japanese beetle larvae, a technician will spray milky spore bacterium powder to kill the grubs without harming your lawn.

Drying out the lawn or reducing how frequently you water can also help get rid of grubs.

What can I do to prevent grubs?

Allow the grass to grow relatively tall, especially during summer, and keep it thick and healthy with programmable irrigation and regular fertilizer treatments. Beetles do not lay eggs in thick, tall grass.

Ensure your lawn is never over-watered. If your last grub infestation was severe, discuss preventative insecticide applications with your lawn care company.


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