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How Long Do You Need SR-22 Insurance? September 18, 2020

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How Long Do You Need SR-22 Insurance?, Fairfield, Ohio

Like most states, Ohio requires all drivers to carry auto insurance. However, if insurance companies view you as a high-risk driver due to multiple traffic violations or a suspended or restricted license, you will need SR-22 insurance. Below is more information about this type of insurance bond, as well as how long you must carry it. 

What Is SR-22 Insurance?

Although people sometimes call this bond SR-22 insurance, it is not an insurance policy. It is a certificate of financial responsibility or proof of insurance. It serves as a promise to the state that you will continue paying for the minimum amount of required liability car insurance coverage.

Drivers typically must receive an SR-22 bond if you are caught driving without adequate car insurance. However, the state may also instruct you to get SR-22 insurance if you experience a license suspension or revocation. For example, you may have excessive points on your license or a DUI conviction, both of which block you from having normal driving privileges.

SR-22 insuranceUsually, an SR-22 bond is a requirement before you can file for license reinstatement. It is particularly significant if you or your insurance provider discontinued your previous auto policy. An SR-22 bond protects you from a lapse in coverage. 

How Long Must You Hold It?

In most cases, you’ll need to carry your SR-22 insurance for three years. At that point, if you have no new violations, providers will likely no longer consider you a high-risk driver. However, you must also stay up-to-date on payments if you opt for an installment plan. Otherwise, the state may suspend your license again. 


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