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3 Reasons to Change the Office AC Filter Regularly September 1, 2020

3 Reasons to Change the Office AC Filter Regularly, Honolulu County, Hawaii

The office building’s air conditioning system keeps employees comfortable throughout the workday. However, it must be maintained to continue operating properly. Changing the filter is a small but essential task that’s often overlooked. Here are a few reasons to replace this component every few months.

Why It’s Beneficial to Replace the AC Filter

1. Preserve Air Quality

A clean filter allows the air conditioning system to perform its job more effectively. The part cleans the air by trapping unwanted allergens and outdoor pollutants in the system so that they aren’t circulated through the office. A clogged filter can’t perform optimally, so some allergens may escape into the rooms and hallways, diminishing air quality. Fortunately, you can easily replace the filter to restore its function.

2. Prevent Damage

air conditioningA clogged filter will cause the HVAC system to overwork itself— it needs more energy to force air through the accumulated debris on the screen. As a result, the cooling system will wear faster and be more prone to issues, like a malfunctioning compressor, frozen evaporator coils, and an overheating motor. Replacing the filter once it’s full will prevent these costlier problems.

3. Maintain Eco-Friendliness

Since the air conditioning system works harder than necessary when the filter is full, it’ll use more electricity to run. This may cause spikes in your utility bills. The increased reliance on electricity and fossil fuels will enlarge the office building’s carbon footprint, as the system will produce more carbon monoxide and greenhouse gases when it runs. Changing the filter regularly will let the AC work comfortably, preventing the unnecessary usage of fossil fuels.


If your cooling system isn’t running at full capacity, turn to Cornerstone Air Conditioning in Honolulu, HI. These professionals provide business owners and building managers with reliable HVAC maintenance to keep their cooling systems running optimally. They also offer 24/7 emergency services so that their customers are never without a functioning AC. Get more information about their services online, or call (808) 847-3639 to request a free estimate.

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