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How Music Can Benefit Seniors August 8, 2020

Cincinnati, Hamilton
How Music Can Benefit Seniors, Cincinnati, Ohio

Music is a common part of everyday life, providing the motivation you need to complete a workout or calming the atmosphere on your drive home from work. It can even supply a number of hard-to-beat benefits for your elderly relatives. Whether they’re living in a nursing home or managing on their own, incorporating music into their lives could prove useful in the following ways.

4 Benefits of Music for Seniors

1. Improve Health

Music is a natural mood booster, providing a way to maintain a positive outlook and reducing the potential for depression. This can increase the rate of recovery and ease their discomfort. For those who are dealing with Alzheimer’s or dementia, playing softer tunes, like classical or jazz songs, will help to keep them calm and prevent accidental injury.

2. Establish Relationships

nursing homePeople tend to connect over similar interests, which can lead to lengthy conversations and lasting relationships. Music is one such topic. Hearing a familiar tune may cause a person to stop over and chat with their neighbors, providing a common ground for introductions and new friendships.   

3. Boost Memory

Music acts as a trigger for memories, the combination of notes heightening the senses and causing the remembrance of a specific place and time, whether it be a high school dance or a summer vacation. Making a habit of listening to old favorites while in the nursing home could serve to naturally improve your loved one’s memory and preserve their cognitive abilities.

4. Encourage Movement

Movement is the key to maintaining flexibility and balance. Without it, your loved one’s joints may stiffen up and make it difficult for them to move about on their own. Nursing homes recognize the effectiveness of music and use certain types to provide instant motivation. Upbeat tempos are best for exercise routines, while slower songs create the ideal atmosphere for dancing.


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