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4 Steps to Handle Wasps Around the Home August 28, 2020

Maineville, Warren
4 Steps to Handle Wasps Around the Home, Maineville, Ohio

Wasps build nests and reproduce from spring until fall, so you might have noticed more of them around your home lately. To prevent painful stings and swarming while you try to enjoy your outdoor areas—as well as keep them from coming inside—you’ll need to take a few proactive steps. Here are some helpful pest control tips to put on your to-do list.

A Guide to Wasp Removal & Prevention

1. Set Traps

Make your own wasp traps by cutting off the tops of soda bottles, flipping them over, and tucking them into the bottle bodies. Fill the traps with an inch of sugar water, which will draw wasps in and trap them.

Place them in any areas where you’ve noticed wasps swarming. If you have pets or small children, however, it’s wise to position the traps out of their reach.

2. Remove Food Residue

Wasps gravitate toward food sources, particularly during the late summer, including outdoor pet kibble and trash bins. Seal pet food containers after opening them, and close your garbage bin lids tightly. Clean and disinfect outdoor grills and cooking stations to remove food residues. 

3. Seal Gaps & Cracks 

pest controlWasps can fit through very narrow openings when seeking food or nest-building spots. When it comes to keeping them from making their way indoors, a valuable pest control trick is to seal gaps and cracks around your doors and windows with caulk or weatherstripping. Repair holes in window screens as well. Finally, seal any openings in your siding or where plumbing pipes enter your home.

4. Use Repellents 

Certain essential oils, including lemongrass, geranium, peppermint, and clove, repel wasps naturally. Mix about 10 drops of these oils with water, and spray the solution on the ledges and crevices around your home. Alternatively, use a solution of dish soap and water. 


If you’re dealing with a wasp problem in or around your home, get in touch with BUG-A-PEST, LLC. Since 1992, this BBB®-accredited team of exterminators has offered preventive services and pest treatments to homes and businesses throughout Maineville and Kings Mills, OH, and the surrounding area. Call (513) 459-7700 to book an appointment for prevention or nest removal today. Visit the website to learn more about how Mason, OH’s leading pest control service can keep pest away from your property. 

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