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How Does Wind Affect Asphalt Roofing? September 15, 2020

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How Does Wind Affect Asphalt Roofing?, ,

Asphalt roofing is incredibly durable, and it can withstand the elements for years. However, the shingles and adhesive will weaken over time, and your roof may experience harm from strong gusts. Here’s what to know about wind damage so that you can identify and prevent it.

How Wind Damages Asphalt Shingles

Each shingle is nailed into the roof’s moisture membrane and decking during installation. The pieces are applied in an overlapping pattern, resulting in a thin lip where gusts can flow under them.

The wind hits the side of your home and shoots upward, which can curl and dislodge shingles along the roof’s edge. Gusts may also roll over the roof’s ridge and loosen shingles in its path. Wind damage will cause the roofing material to warp, crack, or tear, leaving the decking exposed to rainwater. The moisture will leak into the attic, causing mold growth and severe water damage.

The Signs of Wind Damage

asphalt-roofingYou may notice slight curling at the edges of shingles, indicating where the wind has pushed against the material. Sometimes, the only sign of damage will be minor leaks or sunlight shining through the attic. In other cases, the shingles may be torn away and scattered around the yard—this typically occurs after a storm. Strong gusts may also loosen the metal flashing on the shingles or snap tree limbs, causing them to collapse and damage the roofing material.

How to Prevent Damage

If you’re building a home or replacing the roof, choose shingles rated for wind-resistance. Class A shingles can withstand winds of 60 mph, and Class F endure 110 mph gusts. Schedule regular roof inspections if high winds are a problem in your area. These professionals can refasten the shingles and flashing to prevent damage. They may also recommend a protective roof coating to strengthen older materials and improve adhesion to the decking.


If you want to get a coating to provide the surface with extra protection from the elements, turn to Roof Maxx Hawaii in Mililani. These professionals use eco-friendly formulas to improve existing asphalt roofing materials. Get more information about their services online, or call (808) 522-7663 to schedule a free roof inspection.

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