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3 Steps to Prepare a Sunroom for Fall September 18, 2020

Nicholasville, Jessamine
3 Steps to Prepare a Sunroom for Fall, Nicholasville, Kentucky

Spending time socializing in a sunroom is a popular summer pastime for many families. The floor-to-ceiling screens can keep out the elements and insulated glass can maintain a cool interior temperature while basking in the sun. However, with lower temperatures and fewer hours of daylight during fall, you should ensure the area remains comfortable. Below are a few strategies to make sure you can utilize the room all year.

How to Get Your Sunroom Ready for Fall

1. Switch to Wicker Furniture

If you have wooden or upholstered furniture in a screened-in sunroom, bring the pieces inside for fall. Otherwise, moisture could get into the space and rot the materials. Hardwood is also prone to swelling and shrinking in temperature fluctuations, which could crack your furniture.

For comfortable seating during fall, place resin-coated wicker furniture in the enclosure. The finish will repel moisture and protect the pieces from fluctuating temperatures. Patio cushions on chairs and benches will retain body warmth to maintain comfort in colder weather, and you can easily bring them inside when the room is not in use. 

2. Add Layered Light

sunroomsWith the sun high in the sky in the evening, many people rely on natural light to illuminate sunrooms during the summer. Because it gets dark earlier in the autumn, you will need artificial lights in the space. Lamps on end tables can provide task lighting while reading, while a dimmer switch can control the ambient light from ceiling fixtures and wall sconces.

3. Incorporate Color

One of the best aspects of having a sunroom is how the large windows or see-through walls allow panoramic views of the landscape. To build a connection between interior and exterior spaces, decorate the space with throw pillows, furniture cushions, and house plants. Choose colors like burgundy, burnt orange, mustard yellow, and other fall colors to complement the changing pigments of the foliage.


If you want to install a sunroom that you can utilize all year, contact Aladdin's Glass & Screen Products, Inc. in Nicholasville, KY. Since 1989, this licensed and insured company has been a reputable source for durable glass-enclosed and screened-in patio rooms to boost the functionality of homes throughout central Kentucky. Visit the website for more information about their services. Call (859) 887-4070 to schedule a consultation for your home. 

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