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3 Benefits of Vent Visors on Semis August 31, 2020

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3 Benefits of Vent Visors on Semis, Fairbanks, Alaska

Whether you’re a business owner-operator or semi-truck driver, spending a lot of time in a truck means buying the right truck parts to make it as comfortable as possible. One part you can’t forget is a vent visor, which is an attachment that adds a lip of material along the top edge and the leading edge of your side windows. Here are some benefits of vent visors on semis. 

Why Should You Get a Vent Visor for Your Semi Truck?

1. Cost Efficiency

Vent visors are an excellent investment because they save a lot of money in the long run. The ability to open your window during various weather conditions, including when your car gets hot and steamy during summer rain, will save you money on air conditioning costs. These window deflectors are also able to reduce drag by aerodynamically deflecting wind, thus saving you fuel costs. 

2. Protection

truck partsA vent visor, also known as a window deflector or rain guard, strategically deflects rain, snow, and hail away from your truck window. This prevents your window from cracking in severe weather and allows you to more safely focus on the road during poor weather instead of worrying about leaning away from your windows or needing to pull over. This also means you can open your window during bad weather if needed without filling your car with the outside conditions.

3. Variety

There are three different types of vent visors to choose from. Full window vent visors cover the entire top and left side of your window and provide the most protection for you and your vehicle. Quarter size vent visors cover the top of your window and extend down a quarter of the left side. These have many of the same benefits as full window vent visors but are better options for trucks with lights or additional truck parts that may get in the way of a full visor. Top window vent visors cover only the top of your window. These provide the least amount of protection and are commonly used on back windows. 


Whether you’re looking for vent visors or other truck parts, visit Power & Transmission Inc. in Fairbanks, AK. This family-owned auto parts dealer has been providing high-quality products like motor oil, coolant, windshield wipers, and more since 1972. Visit their website to learn more about what they offer or call (907) 456-2230 to speak with an auto maintenance professional.

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