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A Homeowner's Guide to Opossums September 30, 2020

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A Homeowner's Guide to Opossums, New Milford, Connecticut

There are many different species of wildlife that can be found in and around your property, and knowing what you have can help determine if you need animal removal. If you suspect opossums are living in the yard, this guide will help identify them.

What Are Opossums?

As the only marsupial native to North America, opossums are solitary, nocturnal animals that are flexible and adaptable to nearly every environment. Usually white or gray, they have four legs and long, pointed faces. Their ears are hairless, and they have prehensile tails similar to a rat. They also have opposable, clawless thumbs on their rear limbs, making it easy to grasp objects. Opossums can grow as large as about 40 inches, which is similar to a house cat, and they typically weigh about four to six pounds.

When threatened, young opossums will "play possum," meaning they'll go into catatonic states and lie motionless for up to six hours. However, mature opossums will be more confrontational, bearing their teeth at the threat. Similar to a skunk, they may also emit an unpleasant odor as a defense mechanism.

animal removalOpossums have a varied diet. As omnivores, they'll eat everything from mice and rats to fruits, plants, and trash. If you have a pet, they're also not shy about eating food and drinking water left out for your animals.

What Should You Do If You Have Opossums?

If you need animal removal for an opossum infestation, it's best to call professionals. They'll know how to trap and remove these animals safely without harming you, your property, or them.

To stop a future issue, make sure trash is placed in sealed containers and secured in a locked space. Then, remove other sources of sustenance and shelter that'll attract them, such as fruit and berry plants, woodpiles, logs, holes, and broken vents. Keep trees trimmed, especially those that hang near your roof, as these animals are adept at climbing, and low limbs give them access to your roofing or attic.


If you need animal removal in New Milford, CT, or the surrounding areas, call American Bio-Tech Wildlife Services. From opossums to raccoons, this company specializes in humane nuisance wildlife removal, relocating animals to DEEP-approved areas. Their expert team can also help you take steps to prevent future issues, such as repairing and securing areas of your home. Visit them online to learn more about their services, or call (860) 355-1231 to schedule animal removal today.

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