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3 Reasons To Refresh Your Body & Mind With Massage Therapy at Spa 88 October 31, 2013

Financial District, Manhattan
3 Reasons To Refresh Your Body & Mind With Massage Therapy at Spa 88, Manhattan, New York

The accumulated stress from the day to day stresses can lead to your body being stiff, sore, and aching. This increased tension can lower immune function and cause you to feel exhausted and sluggish. One immediate and enjoyable way to dissolve the malaise and to help you feel reinvigorated is a relaxing massage. Located in downtown Manhattan, Spa 88offers a myriad of luxurious and tranquil spa treatments, perfect to make you feel energetic, revitalized, and restored.

Massage therapy is more than just a spa treatment. It is a natural healing method that has enormous benefits for both your body and mind. Here are just a few benefits from the massage experts at Spa 88:

Psychological Benefits. Massage therapy has been shown to promote a relaxed, peaceful state of mind while enhancing the capacity for calm and clear thinking. Nothing clears the apprehension and ambiguity than a relaxing and tranquil massage.

Encourages Physical Healing. Not only does massage therapy relieve mental tension, it is also a powerful method for relieving muscle tension and stiffness. This therapeutic method increases blood flow to troubled or sore areas and allows your body to heal on its own.

Helps Avoid Injury. For both athletes and individuals who work at a desk, proper muscle stability is important to avoid injury. If muscles are stressed or in other cases weak from not being used, stimulating them with massage therapy can avoid injury. Knees, ankles, shoulders, and the lower back are all common places where many experience aches and pains. Relieve them with a soothing massage.

Visit Spa 88 for an assortment of effective massage treatments. Relax with Swedish massages and steam rooms or rejuvenate your body with aromatherapy.