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3 Tips to Improve Your Preschool Child’s Grip Strength September 18, 2020

Family Acres, Lincoln
3 Tips to Improve Your Preschool Child’s Grip Strength, Lincoln, Nebraska

As your child reaches preschool age, they will need a firm grip to hold a pencil and toys, twist doorknobs, and put on clothes. It is a skill that needs to be learned—just like identifying shapes or colors. The guide below offers advice for parents on how you can help them hone this fine motor skill.

How to Enhance Your Child’s Grip Strength

1. Cutting & Gluing

Arts and crafts projects provide a perfect opportunity to improve grip strength. Have your child cut paper with scissors. Give them increasingly thick pieces of paper—or even cardboard—to go through to build their hand muscles.

Next, have them squeeze a glue bottle, stapler, or hole punch. These activities can also help spur their imagination and give them practice for carrying out similar tasks at preschool.

2. Kneading Dough

preschoolEncourage your child to help you roll out the dough for cookies or pie. Have them press, spread, and pull the material. Show them how to roll various-sized balls and long, thin dough snakes. These activities target different hand and wrist muscles so that the area gets a full workout.

3. Gardening

Do you have a garden? Your children can administer water to your plants with a spray bottle. The sprayer handle challenges them to extend their fingers and then squeeze. This can also provide a chance to teach them about the different plants you have in and around your house while imparting them with a sense of responsibility.


For help teaching your children the skills to be successful, contact World of Knowledge Child Development Center in Lincoln, NE. This preschool center offers full- and half-day programs, as well as a nursery school. Their skilled team creates a stimulating environment and curriculum focused on furthering their students’ mental, social, and physical development. Call (402) 483-4769 to ask questions or discuss enrollment. You can also learn more about their offerings online.

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