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Why Isn't Your Washer Draining? August 1, 2020

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Why Isn't Your Washer Draining?, Radcliff, Kentucky

By washing, draining, and wringing out each load, your washing machine makes laundry day a breeze. However, if it isn’t completing that second step, you’ll be left with a soggy mess of fabric that could damage your dryer. If you’re wondering why your appliance isn’t draining and what washer parts might be to blame, take advantage of this troubleshooting guide. 

3 Reasons Why Your Washer Isn’t Draining

1. Faulty Lid Switch

Whenever you lift the lid or open the door on your washing machine, you should see a rectangular plastic switch. This piece is activated whenever you close the loading door, sending a signal to the machine to start washing. When you open the door during a cycle, it will tell the machine to pause.

If this piece isn’t syncing up with the other parts inside your washing machine, it will prevent your washer from draining after the wash cycle, meaning it will need to be replaced for the basin to drain. To check, open the door when the washing machine is on, and flip the switch manually. If there’s no click, you’ll have to switch out this washer part.

2. Blocked Drain Pump

washer partThe pump is responsible for sucking water out of your washing machine once the clothes are clean. However, over time, small pieces of debris or articles of clothing, including socks, may get trapped inside. If the pump is blocked, the water will remain in the washer. You can usually tell if this is the part that needs replacing just by listening to your washer during its drain cycle—if you can hear the pump working, but it's unusually loud, it’s probably jammed.

3. Clogged Drain Hose

After the pump, the water runs through the drain hose and into your plumbing system. However, spare change, loose threads, bandages, and other small items can cause clogs in this component. To check on this washer part, you’ll have to pull your appliance away from the wall, disconnect the drain hose, and look inside. Stubborn clogs caused by coins and loose metallic items could cause tears in the hose’s material, so you’ll need to replace this component to prevent puddles on the laundry room floor. 


If you need to replace any of these washer parts, turn to Appliance Parts Of Radcliff, Inc for a high-quality selection. This Kentucky shop has been serving area residents for over 25 years, and their friendly staff will gladly point you to the right part. They boast over 5,000 different appliance components from top brands like Maytag™ and GE®. To learn more about their business, visit the website, or call (270) 352-2900 today.

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