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​Caring For Your Braids November 27, 2015

Suitland-Silver Hill, Spauldings
​Caring For Your Braids, Spauldings, Maryland

It’s Really Easy, But These Tips Will Help!

One of the great things about braids is that they are very low maintenance compared to many hair styles. Once they are in place it is very easy to get them to stay looking great for up to six weeks. In the meantime you don’t have the fuss and hassles of other hair styles and you will always look your best. There are a few simple things you can do and should know about maintaining your braids and hair between visits to the salon.

One of the worst things, and most common mistakes women make, is to shampoo the hair too often. Too much shampoo only dries out the hair and scalp and makes the braids look frizzy. It will also make braids come loose prematurely. Depending on your hair type and activity level you only need to shampoo your head once every one to two weeks. One tip is to apply a diluted clarifying shampoo with a spray bottle, rinse your hair completely out and you should be good to go.

Another enemy of your hair and your braids is sweat. Sweat creates a buildup of salt and other elements that can cause your hair to break off and become dull. As is quite often the case we are in a rush after sweating. In this situation you can use a home remedy such as witch hazel. Simply swab in the witch hazel and then use a conditioner that you leave in your hair. This will get you by until you have the time to use the proper shampoo.

Of course at night always cover your hair. A silk or satin scarf or a hair net should be all that you need to wake up in the morning looking as good as you did the night before.

One last important tip in caring for your hair and braids: talk to your stylist. She might, depending on your hair type, suggest that you oil your hair once a week to maintain beauty and luster. And did you know that your stylist might also suggest things as simple as drinking plenty of water, maintaining a healthy diet and avoiding the use of heavy, residue leaving conditioners?

The stylists at The Hair Braiding Club are experts in everything “braid”. They are trained to help you maintain your hair with all of the right products and suggestions. Of course, chemically treated hair should only be cared for after you talk to one of The Hair Braiding Club’s stylists. If you have any questions about what to do with your hair or maintaining your hair braids, just ask. A little maintenance, some simple measures, and you’ll be good for another six weeks!

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