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3 Benefits of Using Native Hawaiian Plants in Your Landscaping August 3, 2020

Kaneohe, Koolaupoko
3 Benefits of Using Native Hawaiian Plants in Your Landscaping, Koolaupoko, Hawaii

Your landscaping choices can have meaningful impacts beyond improving the appearance of your property. Choosing native Hawaiian plants will provide more benefits for your lawn and the local environment than alien species from other regions and countries. 

Why Choose Native Hawaiian Plants?

1. Protect Endangered Flora

Due to overwhelming land development and the spread of invasive species, native Hawaiian plants have become some of the most endangered in the world. Since approximately 90% of Hawaiian plants are found nowhere else in the world, their loss will be irreversible. Incorporating native species in your landscaping will help preserve the state’s unique biodiversity.

2. Reduce Water Usage & Maintenance

native hawaiian plantsWhen plants are grown in their proper zones, where they’ve acclimated to the climate, available sunlight, and soil conditions, they require much less upkeep. Most notably, they can flourish with significantly less water, which helps protect against runoff and erosion. The majority of native plants also need little to no fertilization and fewer pesticides to ward off insects. 

3. Provide Shelter & Food for Wildlife

Native plants contain unique nectar, pollen, and seeds that local insects, birds, and other animals depend on. Without this sustenance, wildlife may experience nutritional deficiencies and have to eat more outside varieties, which likely contain more pesticides. Many of the plants also promote biodiversity, as certain insects are reliant on them to survive, and certain bird species need the insects to survive.


When you want native Hawaiian plants to improve your landscape, head to Hui Kū Maoli Ola Native Hawaiian Plant Specialists in Kaneohe. Since 1999, this nursery has supplied over 100 different native species to state and federal agencies, landscapers, hotels and resorts, and retail stores. They also provide habitat restoration and landscaping services, including xeriscaping, hydroseeding, and irrigation. View their selection of plants on their website, and call them at (808) 235-6165 with any questions.

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