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When to Clean, Repaint, or Replace Siding September 17, 2020

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When to Clean, Repaint, or Replace Siding, Norwood, Ohio

Your home’s siding material has a huge impact on curb appeal, but it also ensures sufficient insulation and protects the interior from the outside elements. Over time, your siding will become damaged by these same elements, which means you must make a decision on how to proceed. Should you replace your siding, repaint it, or clean it? Here’s a look at all three options so you can make the best decision for your needs. 


As a general rule, all types of siding material should be cleaned at least once per year. A pressure washer can make short work of the project, but the right approach is crucial to prevent damage.

This is especially important with wood siding, which may develop holes or gaps over time. If water gets under the siding, it can lead to rot and mold growth, so these issues will need to be repaired before washing. 


Even after a good pressure washing, your siding may still look a little shabby. In this case, a fresh coat of paint might be just the thing. While highly durable, the finish on aluminum siding can fade due to oxidation, which leads to a dull appearance.

Fortunately, both aluminum and vinyl siding are amenable to repainting. With wood, however, you’ll likely need to strip off the existing coats of paint for a smooth finish. 


siding materialA dull look to the paint is easy enough to remedy, but obvious defects typically require a siding replacement. Rotted wood, dents in aluminum, and cracks in vinyl all indicate a replacement is the wisest choice.

With wood and vinyl, it’s possible to replace siding in sections. However, it may be best to replace all the siding at once to ensure a uniform look and quality. If you feel a replacement is the right way to go, don’t delay in scheduling it; other areas of your home could also become damaged.  


Where can you turn in Cincinnati, OH, for quality siding material to complete your replacement? Huber Lumber has provided quality building materials to contractors and homeowners throughout Amberley, Arlington Heights, Deerfield, Elmwood Place, and the surrounding communities for more than a century. They stock different types of siding, including vinyl and fiber cement, and they also offer insulated options to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Check out their selection online or call (513) 731-4035 to discuss your home’s needs.  

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