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How to Ready Your New Deck for Staining August 1, 2020

Hill N Dale, Lexington-Fayette Central
How to Ready Your New Deck for Staining, Lexington-Fayette Central, Kentucky

Deck staining brings out the natural colors of the wood, producing a vibrant appearance and providing quality protection for years. However, proper preparation is key for lasting results. Consider the following advice to extend the lifespan of your deck.

A Guide for Deck Staining

When Your Deck Should Be Stained

Wood requires a drying-out period before application so that the material can release enough moisture to absorb the stain fully. Neglecting to do so can prevent the coating from taking hold and leave the surface susceptible to fading.

deck stainingThe timeframe depends on the type of wood that was used. Since pressure-treated products rely on water to force preservatives through the grain, it requires at least six months to dry out. Kiln-dried lumber is less dense and only needs about one or two months to release moisture. Green lumber is freshly cut and requires a full year before it can receive any form of protection.

How to Prepare for Deck Staining

You should start preparing your deck at least a week or two before application to ensure that the material has time to dry. Begin by sweeping the deck clean of any leaves, twigs, and other outdoor debris. Carefully roll up rugs and stack furniture so that they can be easily put into storage.

Hose down the surface of the deck to dampen it and apply a sodium percarbonate cleaner. Let it sit for 15 minutes before using a stiff brush to scrub the wood. Spray with water to remove the residue. Once the material is dry, use a deck brightener to neutralize the pH level of the wood and enhance its natural beauty.


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