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5 Benefits of Reading Aloud to Children September 9, 2020

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5 Benefits of Reading Aloud to Children, New York, New York

Storytime is an important ritual in many households, but you might not realize just how valuable it can be. Reading aloud to children prepares them for success in education. Here are a few of the skills that reading aloud can foster.

What Does Reading Aloud to Children Do?

1. Promotes an Interest in Reading

For a child to enjoy reading in the long term, it’s important to build positive associations. Reading aloud transforms words on a page into an exciting adventure, which creates enthusiasm. Keep reading time happy and relaxed to keep children engaged.  

2. Increases Vocabulary

Strong language comprehension is vital at all levels of education. Children will encounter words in books that they won’t find in everyday conversation.

This builds vocabulary and sets them up for success when encountering the words in school. Start with simple books and gradually increase the complexity. 

3. Builds Emotional Stability

When hearing characters in stories deal with difficult situations, your child can better understand what to do when they encounter similar problems. It also helps them develop social skills and become better communicators. Reading teaches empathy towards others and gives them additional tools for expressing their own frustrations.

4. Increases Attention Span

educationAn oral story unfolds slowly. Reading books that capture and hold a child’s interest can increase their attention span. As they practice listening, they’re building tools for their future education. 

5. Teaches Writing Structure & Form

Exposure to well-told stories will help children become aware of what professional writing sounds like. As they listen to a story being read aloud, their reading, spelling, and comprehension skills will increase. Let your child engage with the physical form of the story by looking at pictures, turning pages, and following along as you read.


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