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The Licensed Therapists at Therapy Now - Zhuta Enterprises Share 5 Common Causes of Holiday Depression December 8, 2015

Newfield - Westover - Turn of River, Stamford
The Licensed Therapists at Therapy Now - Zhuta Enterprises Share 5 Common Causes of Holiday Depression, Stamford, Connecticut

The holidays are always pictured as a time for happiness and cheer, but for many people with clinical depression, the winter holiday season has a dark side. If you feel depressed when the holidays roll around each year, you're not alone; depression during the holiday season is surprisingly common. At Therapy Now - Zhuta Enterprises in Greenford, CT, you can seek help.

Counseling services from a licensed therapist can change your life for the better, even during the holidays when depression and relationship problems can be at their worst. Holiday depression can set in because of several different seasonal factors that come into play:

  • Financial Stress: The holidays can be a remarkably stressful time, often bringing up marital and family problems that have been lurking in the shadows. Many families experience financial strain, struggling to budget for gifts and holiday festivities. This can bring marital tension to a boil, making your depression worse. Underlying relationship problems need to be addressed, and a good marriage counselor can help you find the real sources of your problems so that you and your spouse can find workable solutions and strengthen your relationship as a whole.
  • Family Problems: The holidays can mean visiting with relatives that you don't often see, and if your relationships with them aren't the best, this can quickly become overwhelmingly stressful. Marriages aren't the only type of bond that may need some relationship help; many people struggle with parent-child or sibling relationships.
  • Loneliness: For many people who aren't close with their families, especially single people, the holidays can bring out an underlying sense of loneliness. When you struggle with depression, and feel a lack of meaningful relationships in your life, it can hurt to see everyone around you spending time with their loved ones while you eat Christmas dinner alone.
  • Misplaced Expectations: Many people feel pressured to provide the "perfect Christmas" for their families. Financial issues that make it hard to buy people gifts, or work obligations that make it hard to spend enough time with your family, can sometimes lead to feelings of guilt and inadequacy.
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder: In Connecticut, the winters are dark and cold. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a well-documented mood disorder found in cold-winter climates and has been linked to lack of sunlight.

If you're dealing with depression or relationship problems this holiday season, you don't have to face it alone. For depression therapy and relationship help from a licensed therapist, call Therapy Now - Zhuta Enterprises at (203) 525-6496. You can also visit their  website for more information.

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