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How to Protect Asphalt From Potholes September 15, 2020

Cranston, Providence County
How to Protect Asphalt From Potholes, Cranston, Rhode Island

If you own or manage a commercial property with a parking lot, ensuring that your asphalt surface looks neat and well cared for will have a positive effect on your bottom line. Water and stress will wear down the parking lot over time, making regular maintenance a necessity. Learn more about how a paving professional can help you protect your investment from developing potholes with this useful guide.

3 Tips for Preventing Parking Lot Potholes

1. Sealcoating

A sealcoat is the first line of defense against water. Paving professionals apply this clear additive to asphalt surfaces. Once the seal cures, it forms a powerful membrane to protect against water, oxidation, oil, and vehicle liquids.

Sealcoating needs to be reapplied every 2-3 years as a preventive measure and should always be installed by professionals to ensure comprehensive coverage that prevents cracks and potholes.

2. Filling Cracks

pavingMany potholes start as minor cracks in the asphalt. These cracks allow water to seep in and erode the material beneath the surface. Freezing and thawing cycles will widen the crack so much that the asphalt will collapse in and form a pothole.

Paving professionals can prevent troublesome potholes by filling cracks when they first appear.

3. Reinforcing Asphalt

Large vehicles may exceed the asphalt’s stress limit and cause widespread cracks that can become potholes. Paving professionals can install a grid reinforcement system that restores the asphalt’s integrity and extends your parking lot’s lifespan.

This service is especially beneficial if you expect heavy traffic, such as semi-trucks dropping off deliveries as your business grows, rather than smaller couriers.


If your asphalt needs maintenance or repairs, contact the experts at Beausoleil & Sons Construction, Inc. in Cranston, RI. This family-owned company has served customers throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut for over 50 years and provides comprehensive residential, commercial, and industrial paving services. Call (401) 632-0203 to speak with a representative about your project.

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