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How to Prepare for a Home Addition August 5, 2020

Bloomery, Hampshire
How to Prepare for a Home Addition, Bloomery, West Virginia

Home additions are a popular renovation project because they provide additional indoor living spaces and bolster the overall value of the property. However, any amount of construction can disrupt your daily life. To make sure your project is successful and worry-free for all of those involved, follow these simple tips.

5 Tips for Making a Home Addition Stress-Free

1. Know the Zoning Laws

You don’t want to start designing your perfect addition only to find out that it’s not permissible once the process has been started. To avoid this, research the laws in your area and work with professionals who are familiar with the building codes.

If you belong to a homeowners association, you should also consult with the members before starting the project. They have specific guidelines that dictate what you can and cannot do to your home.

2. Clean Out the Rooms

The contractors have to work inside of your home when building an addition so that they can seamlessly connect the current structure to the new area. You can prepare the space by removing any furniture prior to their arrival.

You also need to remove any fragile belongings and items hanging on interior walls. The construction can knock them off and cause valuable items to break.

3. Prepare the Home’s Exterior

While building an addition, the contractors will spend time working outside as they construct the new structure. You can make their job easier by clearing out the area before they arrive.

Cut the grass and trim any low hanging tree branches to provide a clear path for trucks to enter the job site. Placing any outdoor furniture and accessories into storage also helps them get their tools to your home and ensures none of your belongings are damaged.

4. Communicate Constantly

Home AdditionsWhether it’s choosing light fixtures. picking a paint color, considering flooring options, or deciding on a budget, there are numerous decisions that need to be made for these projects.

This can become stressful if there’s a lack of communication between you, your partner, and the contractors. By maintaining constant, level-headed communication, you avoid arguments and ensure everyone is satisfied. If you change your mind about future plans or have a new idea for the space, don’t be afraid to bring it up immediately. 

5. Leave the House

If possible, vacate the home while the construction is taking place. The process is loud, messy, and requires multiple people to be in your home. If you can stay with friends or family, or take a vacation, you can avoid these disturbances and come back once the project is completed.


Make sure your home addition goes smoothly by working with the experts at Hampshire Home Builders. For more than 30 years, they’ve been providing homeowners in Capon Bridge, WV, with high-quality custom construction, and they have the experience and tools needed to ensure your project is completed quickly and to your specifications. Visit them online for more information, or call (304) 856-3875 to schedule your first consultation.
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