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3 Surprising Health Benefits of Seeing a Scary Movie September 14, 2020

Falco, Covington
3 Surprising Health Benefits of Seeing a Scary Movie, Falco, Alabama

Everyone knows that seeing a scary movie is a fun way to spend a date night, but did you know that being a little scared can actually be good for your mind and body? Learn more about a few surprising health benefits you’ll experience the next time you see a scary movie at the movie theater with this guide. 

Why Is Seeing Scary Movies Good for You?

1. Burn Calories

When your muscles tense and your heart rate quickens, your body is working slightly harder even though you’re sitting still, causing it to burn more calories. Research has shown that seeing a 90-minute scary movie can burn up to 113 calories, which is about as many as you would burn by going on a 30-minute walk.

If you are committed to living a healthy lifestyle, relax by going to the movies and getting tickets for a horror flick. 

2. Boost Your Immune System 

movie theaterSeeing a scary movie may also help to temporarily improve the function of your immune system. In studies, being scared was shown to temporarily increase blood flow while also boosting the production of white blood cells. These cells improve your body’s ability to fight off infection. 

3. Improve Your Mood

Any way you dice it, seeing a scary movie is lots of fun, which could boost your mood. The temporary fight-or-flight response your body creates is a knee-jerk reaction that helps your mind focus, which can improve the way you are feeling.


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